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The Best Health Resolutions for 2023

The New Year is right around the corner, and we all know that this is the perfect moment to think about our long-term health plans and the steps we can take to be kinder towards our minds and bodies. Whether you’d like to shed some unwanted weight or increase your energy levels, starting with a […]

5 Tips to Build Long-Term Healthy Habits

There are routines and there are habits, and while they are good to have, it’s important to keep in mind that they are not the same. Routines keep us in check and they give us the daily structure we need to be productive, work on our health and happiness, and simply get things done.  Now, […]

5 Healthy Ways to Support Your Weight Loss Journey

It’s that time of year again, when most of us are planning how to start the upcoming brand-new chapter, what resolutions we should make, and how we can improve. One of the most common lifestyle changes people embark on is weight loss, and rightfully so – being overweight can lead to a number of health […]

5 Ways to Boost Your Immunity During Changing Seasons

Our immune system keeps all kinds of pesky intruders at bay all the time, and while this intricate network of defense mechanisms works very well on its own, it does need a boost from time to time. That’s especially relevant when the weather is drastically changing, there are drastic temperature shifts, and all kinds of […]

Perfect Stress-Relieving Gifts for the Holidays

Life is an infinite source of joy, but also, let’s face it, stress. Holidays behave like a microcosm of our entire existence, as we spend time with our loved ones, enjoy great food, but we also find practically countless reasons to be anxious and stressed.   We have already covered quite a few stress-relieving techniques perfect […]

How to Make the Most of Himalayan Salt Lamps

We’re well into the holiday season, which means that you’re likely looking for those perfect holiday gifts for your friends and family, but you might also want to think of ways to revamp your lifestyle with your health in mind. One particular, healthful item might just be what you need to achieve both those goals: […]

5 Tips to Prepare for Menopause and Manage the Symptoms

The conversation around menopause should be more open, widespread, and informative, helping women prepare for this stage of their life and reproductive wellbeing.   It’s not just the infamous hot flashes – menopause comes with a slew of symptoms that can alter your quality of life, and since it’s practically impossible to just “ignore” them, it’s […]

5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System for Cold and Flu Season

Have you stocked up on vitamins and minerals ready to conquer potential colds and flu? Even if that’s the case, it’s not enough to only rely on your medicine cabinet to keep your immune system in check, although it is extremely helpful.   Let’s go over some key steps you can take to naturally give your […]

Keeping up with Your Vitamin D Needs as Seasons Change

Pumpkin spice lattes, cinnamon rolls, mulled wine, warm yellow and orange hues all over, Thanksgiving – who doesn’t love fall, right? As festive and romantic as this season can be, we often face a whole slew of potential issues, starting with seasonal affective disorder for some, while others struggle with one of the most common […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: 5 Natural Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

October is breast cancer awareness month, and while we believe that raising awareness around life-threatening illnesses should be done every month, this October we need to do everything we can to empower women through prevention. While there is no single best way to prevent this devious illness, there are some effective natural ways to minimize […]

5 Ways to Prevent and Manage Holiday Stress

As much as we cherish the holiday season and all it stands for, it’s often the most stressful time of year for so many. We’ve got relatives visiting for several days or weeks, tons of food to prepare, gifts to find, and of course, the extra family time also often means more friction.   Not to […]

Eat the Rainbow – The Importance and Perks of Phytonutrients

If you’re a parent, you know that one of the best ways to entice a picky eater to try new foods and dishes is to make their plate as colorful and vibrant as possible. This neat little trick actually has another benefit that not too many people are aware of: it enables your kids to […]

Healthy vs Unhealthy Fats – 5 Tips to Keep Your Fat Intake in Check

The very term “fat loss” might prompt you to think that the key to achieving such a goal is to reduce your fat consumption. Then we have the trouble with cardiovascular health and the common tip to eat less fatty foods to prevent clogging up your arteries. While these statements could, in theory, make sense, […]

Back to School Tips – 5 Ways Probiotics Can Boost Your Kids’ Health

September may feel eons away, but it will come in the blink of an eye, and with it, all the errands and prep work you need to do to get your kids ready for school. You have probably just established a good, strong nutrition routine for your little ones, but come September and they’ll likely […]

5 Types of Non-Celiac Immune Response to Gluten

Celiac disease is a serious ailment that can severely impair your long-term health and wellbeing. If you suffer from celiac disease, eating gluten can have a major impact on your quality of life, and it can lead to severe symptoms that may put your health at serious risk. Needless to say, it’s important that you […]

5 Ways to Improve Mitochondrial Health with Intermittent Fasting

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell – as we have all been taught in school. It is the job of the mitochondria to regulate and generate enough energy in the cells for proper functioning, which in turn ensures healthy processes throughout your body. Needless to say, keeping your mitochondria in check is one […]

Cortisol Curves and Your Health – 5 Things to Know

We’ve already talked about cortisol and its impact on your wellbeing, especially in terms of your mental health. Known as the stress hormone, cortisol is produced by your adrenal glands, and it is one of those essential hormones that your body needs in order to function normally. Your cortisol levels fluctuate throughout the day, reaching […]

Reclaim Your Wellbeing – New Workshops to Boost Your Health

Functional medicine keeps studying the intricate relationship between our health, behavior, genetics, and the environment. The more we learn, the better we can adapt our lifestyle, which helps us become better at preserving and fostering our wellbeing.  In that pursuit, our functional medicine experts and nutritionists are happy to share their latest discoveries and actionable […]

Top 5 Health Benefits of Bone Broth

Some serve it as a regular part of their family meals, others prepare multiple batches from the same bones – broth is a beloved food, remedy, and an old tradition in many cultures that know how to tend for their wellbeing. The beauty of this delicious beverage is that it is brimming with health perks! […]

Food Reactions and Eczema

If you’ve had a chance to familiarize yourself with some of our previous articles on gut health and its connection to our overall wellbeing, you certainly know that our nutrition and gastrointestinal health are linked. On the other hand, over the years the link between gut health and skin health has also become clearer with […]

5 Ways Fasting Helps with Chronic Illness

We often think about dieting and nutrition from the perspective of weight loss. But taking a specific approach to your nutrition also has a major impact on your overall health, so every functional medicine expert makes sure to use it as a way to improve your quality of life. That also means that certain dieting […]

Understanding and Treating Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Considering the tempo of modern living, it’s no wonder so many of us consider feeling tired a normal state. Whether you don’t get enough sleep once or twice, or you’re overworked, that sense of tiredness that comes with it is something you might overlook as natural. But when exhaustion accumulates and becomes a chronic issue […]

5 Effective Ways to Manage and Eliminate Adrenal Fatigue

Stress is a normal, expected part of the human experience, but it seems that we have grown accustomed to more stress than our bodies can manage. We expect stress at home, at work, not to mention on a global scale during a crisis such as the pandemic. While we’re doing our best to mitigate the […]

5 Health Perks of Collagen

Each season comes with its own dietary fads and “quick fixes” to transform your health, yet few deliver the results you need or deserve. But there are a few old but gold recipes that can even exceed your expectations, and collagen is among them. This structural protein plays a key role in many bodily processes, […]

Spice up Your Menu – 5 Health Benefits of Turmeric

Now that we’re all working hard to achieve our New Year’s resolutions, which often means detoxing from our holiday dinners, you might think that all the food from now on will taste bland and boring. That, however, couldn’t be further from the truth if you know how to get creative in the kitchen with the […]

Vitamin D and Your Health – Its Benefits and Most Viable Sources

Now that we’re eagerly anticipating more sunshine and longer days, we can also look forward to another wonderful perk: more vitamin D production! The more time you spend in the sun, the more vitamin D your body produces, but, we often have to think about alternative ways to get the necessary daily dose during colder […]

Detox by De-Stressing: 5 Ways to Cleanse Your Mind

As much as we love the holidays and all the wonderful family get-togethers, once you settle back into your routine (if you have one, that is), you might face feelings of emotional and mental fatigue, anxiety, and overall stress. But just like you can detox your body after the holidays to make sure your menu […]

5 Smoothies to Add to Your Detox Menu

Whether you’re looking to shed those extra holiday pounds, or you simply want to start 2022 with a clean slate, smoothies could very well be one of the best tools available. Smoothies are an effortless way to mix and combine ingredients that you might not necessarily like to create flavorful combos you’ll enjoy. They also […]

Beauty Isn’t Skin-Deep: 5 Beauty Hacks to Detox Properly

If only exfoliation were the one necessary ingredient to make our skin glow! Unfortunately (or perhaps, fortunately), beauty truly does come from within. If you’ve tried some of our post-holiday detoxing tips, then you’ve likely noticed improvements in your skin, already. If not, we’ve decided to give you our go-to detoxing plan that can be […]

10 Reasons to Keep a Himalayan Salt Lamp in Every Room

They’ve been around for a while now, so you must have seen them, at a friend’s house, a coffee shop, or a wellness center – Himalayan salt lamps are beloved among health-conscious folk. As part of your 2022 health resolutions, you can consider introducing a couple of these wonderful accessories. But they are so much […]

Top 10 Resolutions for a Happy & Healthy 2022

It’s that time of year again, when we start bragging about our latest health goals, only to see them unfulfilled a year later. That’s what usually happens with all our resolutions, isn’t it? Especially when they’re vague and undefined, we often fail to stick to them throughout February, let alone the entire 12 months! That’s […]

Last Minute Gift Ideas for a Healthy Christmas

With no more than a few days until Christmas, so many people are still recovering from all the Thanksgiving fuss and chaos. Who has time or energy to think of creative presents for dozens of friends and family members? If you’re feeling anxious during the holidays, and the gift-choosing process is only adding to the […]

Healthy Christmas Ideas to Try with Your Family This Year

What’s Christmas without that good, old food coma that follows a decent feast, right? Often brought on by overindulging, that blissful state is what so many families look forward to every holiday season. But if you’re dealing with health troubles such as high blood pressure or you want to shed some weight, these holiday staples […]

5 Tips to Enjoy Thanksgiving with Your Health in Mind

Every holiday is all about specific family traditions and the cultural heritage we perpetuate with great care. Thanksgiving has evolved over the decades, much like any other festivity, so we’ve embraced more splurging on different foods. We have entire feasts organized to host family dinners and to express our gratitude for the abundance that we […]

Artificial Sweeteners and Their Natural Alternatives

For our carb-driven bodies, it’s perfectly natural to crave something sugary the moment we feel low on energy. Carbs are our primary fuel, and sugar is the simplest way to get an immediate, albeit passing energy boost. However, to elevate our energy levels properly and in a healthy, sustainable way, we can steer clear of […]

Nutrients that Support Focus in Kids

Our kids’ energy levels can often catch us by surprise. They can run around and play for hours on end, and bedtime for them always seems unreasonably early. As soon as they get up from their classroom chair, they spring into action, ready for another exciting play session with their friends. What kids sometimes lack, […]

Handling Holiday Heartburn – 5 Ways to Avoid Acid Reflux During the Holidays

Is it really possible to resist the eggnog or the chocolate pudding served for that long-awaited family Thanksgiving dinner? Then there are those unforgettable Halloween treats and the tasty presents brought over by your relatives and friends. If you already have gastrointestinal problems such as acid reflux, also known as heartburn, or you’re prone to […]

Effective Home Remedies: 5 Ways to Manage and Reduce Anxiety

Like catching the flu or waiting in line, some amount of stress is inevitable in life. It helps us recognize our limitations and potentially grow more resilient mentally and emotionally. But stress and anxiety are an everyday reality for some people. Whether you’re experiencing the holiday season blues, or you’re struggling with chronic anxiety, there’s […]

5 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health During This Holiday Season

‘Tis almost the season to be jolly, as we all anticipate a whole host of presents, get-togethers, and family reunions. But the festivities bring a unique kind of stress, one that many of us have trouble coping with, especially if we’re already dealing with mental health issues. During the holiday season, expectations soar. We want […]

Healthy Halloween – 5 Sweet Alternatives Both Kids and Grownups Will Love

The spookiest time of the year is also the most notorious for the amount of pure sugar our little ones consume – and we succumb to our own cravings, too. The worm-shaped gummy delights, themed cookies, all the way to sweet muffins are all Halloween classics we don’t want to forego during the holiday season. […]

5 Health Benefits of Pumpkins

It’s finally that romantic, delicious time of year for pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pies, and not to mention roasted butternut squash that goes oh so well with your meat dishes for family dinners. Let’s not forget the most autumn-licious comfort food there is – creamy, dense, flavorful pumpkin soup. These orange dishes and sips are […]

Food and the Circulatory System – Are You Boosting or Hindering Your Blood Flow?

The complex network of blood vessels and organs dubbed the circulatory (or the cardiovascular) system serves many purposes, the main among them being to deliver oxygen and nutrients to every part of your body. This process also helps every last cell in your body in the production of energy, since you need proper nutrition to […]

Food and the Immune System – How Nutrition Affects Your Resilience

If you’ve seen some of the previous articles in this nutrition series, you’ve already noticed that there’s an intricate connection between what we eat and our overall health. From a number of different perspectives, food can either strengthen or hamper our immune system. For instance, consistently choosing foods that contribute to chronic inflammation pushes your […]

Managing High Cholesterol – 4 Major Tips to Change Your Lifestyle

Our bodies are marvelously complex machines, conducting myriads of processes every second of every day to keep us alive. Naturally, we have our built-in detoxing systems and organs that help our bodies flush out any excess elements – but those processes work best when aided by our own healthy choices. When it comes to cholesterol […]

Top 5 Health Perks of Being a Puppy Parent

Our beloved canines make us smile, they have the power to instantly boost our mood, and remind us of how important it is to be in the present moment when we get sidetracked by life’s many stressors. It turns out, puppy parenting is so much more than a source of bliss! Scientifically speaking, having a […]

Common Culprits of Spring Fatigue and Effective Ways to Restore Your Energy

We’re all worried about the winter blues and the associated issues that can make us feel tired or affect our sleep patterns. Come spring, and it feels as if the same feeling of exhaustion persists, but without the same, obvious culprits. So why do we feel tired even in spring, when everything should be brimming […]


  As Fall descends upon the Northern Hemisphere, news of yet more people contracting COVID 19 fills the newsfeeds; election night is dawning in the U.S. with fears of potentially contentiously responsive behavior looming; and the rocky economy is negatively affecting many people on a global scale.    Without doubt, the world is in the […]

Obtaining Quality Healthcare

  New patients to Calmglow often wonder why we do not have a billing system such that we can bill their insurance. The reason is simple. We provide the healthcare our patients need based on their individual health requirements, not as dictated by the insurance companies. The best healthcare is driven by a healthcare provider, […]

Journal The Journey To Optimal Health: Care From My Monitor

What amazing times to be alive! From the comfort of my home, clad in yoga pants, and feeling no stress, I participated in my first telehealth medical visit. For me it felt like an old fashioned house visit (the image I have is the doctor checking on Zuzu at her home in It’s A Wonderful […]

Journal The Journey To Optimal Health: Getting Started

  Welcome to the journey to optimal health! I am LP, sharing the good, the bad & the ugly, from the decision to take control of my health to the vibrancy I know I will achieve after working together with Calmglow.    A little about me: a 56-year-old gal, who has been trying to lose […]

Welcome Alex Parker-DeJesus!

Alex Parker-DeJesus is joining Calmglow as our Functional Dietitian.  A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, health coach, and wellness activist, Alex is passionate about all things food, wellness, and behavioral change. Her goal is to educate, inspire, and help individuals to take charge of their own health while living the highest quality of life possible!  In February, […]

Thrive In Uncertain Times

In March 2020, governments responded to the rapidly spreading coronavirus by shutting down the world. Schools closed. Non-essential businesses locked their doors. Travel was restricted. Essential workers (doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, police officers, postal workers, truck drivers) faced exposure while everyone else sheltered at home, either alone or with direct family.  Many workers were […]

Welcome Jessica Santos

  Jessica Santos, FNP, is joining Calmglow on June 1, 2020. Jessica received both her Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science in Nursing from the University of Arizona. Jessica spent her first decade as a Family Nurse Practitioner working in Urgent Care, Family and Internal Medicine, as well as Pediatrics. While she appreciated that she was […]

A Virtual Calmglow Office Visit: What to Expect

During the current shelter in place restrictions, Calmglow is still able to provide healthcare services to our current patients and for our new patients.  To make sure that everyone is able to obtain quality care during this time, Calmglow is offering both initial consultation and follow up visits virtually. While telemedicine, medical services provided virtually, […]