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5 Health Perks of Collagen

Each season comes with its own dietary fads and “quick fixes” to transform your health, yet few deliver the results you need or deserve. But there are a few old but gold recipes that can even exceed your expectations, and collagen is among them.

This structural protein plays a key role in many bodily processes, and in order to produce enough collagen, we need to consume the right foods and dietary supplements with high levels of bioavailability. To understand how collagen-rich foods and supplements can help, we’ve covered with some of the most important benefits of this protein for your wellbeing!


Your best antiaging aid for hair, skin, and nails

Bone broth, fish (with the skin), and chicken are all packed with collagen and help your body produce it in high enough amounts. To make sure your body can use and produce collagen properly, you also need the right daily dose of vitamin C, found in berries, citrusy fruits, and the like. All of those are your best beauty picks for your skin, hair, and nails!

This wonderful protein is an amazing beauty helper – it slows down those premature signs of aging, giving you a smoother complexion, it helps increase hair health and thickness, and it makes your nails less frail.


Stronger connective tissue

Your entire skeletomuscular system depends on the wellbeing of all of its moving parts, and that includes your connective tissue. You need collagen in order to keep your tendons, ligaments, and fascia strong.

It provides your connective tissue with the much-needed structural support and resilience. At the same time, collagen naturally entices your tissue’s ability to self-repair. Optimal collagen levels allow your entire body to recover properly, which is useful both in post-workout recovery, but also in case of injuries and overuse.


Less inflammation and osteoarthritic pain

As we’ve mentioned so many times, chronic inflammation is a common culprit in so many health issues. It also contributes to the loss of cartilage and the health of your bones and connective tissue, so it naturally plays a part in the progression of osteoarthritis and the pain that comes with it.

Many people can benefit from adding a collagen-based supplement such as CollaGen to further reinforce their diet. Collagen can help reduce the inflammatory response, help with joint lubrication, and overall connective tissue resilience, which can be essential for your quality of life.


Bone and joint health

As we age, our bone density decreases, which leads to a number of chronic, painful issues. Collagen supports healthy, dense bones, and when you combine its role in connective tissue health, you get a winning resource to keep your entire skeletomuscular system in great shape.

Collagen is an essential ingredient in rebuilding and maintaining the cartilage found in your joints. It improves the structure of your bones and joints, making them denser, stronger, and more impervious to age-related decay. It’s an excellent choice for the elderly, athletes, as well as sedentary workers who need to take extra care of their bone and joint health.


Keeping your heart resilient

The health of your heart depends on a whole slew of factors, from physical activity, to consuming heart-friendly foods. Collagen can be a great choice in keeping your arteries healthy and reduce the stiffness that is often associated with heart disease.

It also has the potential to help you manage your cholesterol levels by reducing bad, LDL cholesterol and increasing good, HDL cholesterol.

Just like no single supplement or food is the be-all, end-all for all diseases or health goals, collagen is one part of what should be a complete, functional approach to wellbeing and longevity. Combined with other efforts, collagen can help you tremendously. Schedule a consultation with us to make sure you are taking all the right steps towards your health goals.