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Our immune system keeps all kinds of pesky intruders at bay all the time, and while this intricate network of defense mechanisms works very well on its own, it does need a boost from time to time. That’s especially relevant when the weather is drastically changing, there are drastic temperature shifts, and all kinds of viruses and bacteria thrive.  

It’s not even just for the sake of preventing colds and flu, it’s also about priming your immune system to optimize your energy levels, how capable you are to ward off illness, and how efficiently you go through all the seasonal changes. Here are a few tactics to try out! 

Optimize your vitamin D intake 

If you live in a place where you cannot expect your vitamin D intake to remain optimal year-round due to lower exposure to sunlight, it’s worth considering alternative options. First of all, check if and to what extent your body is deprived of vitamin D as seasons change.  

If you need a boost, you can opt for a healthy supplement to make sure you’re supporting your immune system, as vitamin D plays a vital role in defending your body from pathogens. 


Are you feeling low? 

Changing seasons bring another unique challenge to our immunity-building habits: seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD. Although this isn’t an issue everyone experiences, when you are affected, you can experience issues with motivation, energy levels, lack of sleep, insomnia, and so many others. 

Feeling like that is often more than enough to push someone to binge eat unhealthy foods to get that quick energy surge, drink too much coffee, or resort to other unhealthy habits just to function. That is why it’s essential to listen to your body, take note of all the changes, and if you to have SAD, deal with it in order to prevent unhealthy behaviors that might derail your immune system.  


Reinforce your daily menu 

First and foremost, make sure that your everyday eating habits are on point, which means you’re relying on healthy, local, seasonal foods jam-packed with minerals, vitamins, as well as macros that you need. However, when seasons are changing, you can benefit from introducing dietary reinforcements such as Immune Active containing vitamin C and zinc to optimize your health. 

Add to that, help your body leverage these amazing nutrients by drinking ample water, as hydration is crucial in enabling your immune system to make the most of everything you consume.  


Stick to your exercise plan 

When it’s rainy, gloomy, or chilly, you hardly feel superbly motivated to put on a pair of sneakers and rush out for a jog, peppy and glowing, right? At least most people don’t. Even hitting the gym might feel like a chore, let alone setting up a bit of space at home to work out. 

But, that’s what it takes to give your immune system that much-needed boost. It helps with blood and oxygen circulation, it allows your body to harness the power of immune system cells more effectively, and it helps you balance your hormones overall. Without regular workouts, your immune system cannot really work properly, which means greater risk of seasonal health issues. 


Sleep and rest 

Stress is one heck of an issue during the holidays, and this time coincides with weather changes that can disrupt our sleep patterns. It also means we’re often prevented from practicing some of our stress-relieving habits, as we have a different routine during this time.  

However, to truly help your own immune system to stay strong, you need to optimize your sleep by going to bed and waking up at roughly the same time every day, and by taking a little bit of time to relax. It can be something as simple as reading a book, enjoying a cup of tea, or taking a walk, but you do need to incorporate mindful, self-care techniques that will help you rest even beyond sleep. 


Seasonal changes make for a healthy dose of challenge for our immune system, giving it a natural way to grow stronger and “update” its defense mechanisms against constantly evolving pathogens. For those who’d like an even greater immunity boost, you can set up a consultation with our functional medicine team and start restricting your habits to achieve your health goals.