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Mental Health

Mental Health in Modesto

A Healthy brain helps you live longer and smarter!

Just as we make conscious efforts to eat right and exercise to lower the risk of heart disease, so should we make conscious efforts to protect our brain health. We all have some degree of brain degeneration, but the symptoms can become very concerning if it advances unchecked. The problem with brain degeneration is that it is hard for us to see it in ourselves when it happens slowly. What’s worse, brain degeneration prevents us from being able to recognize when it’s happening, or to get motivated enough to do something about it.
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Emotional health, much like mental health, is directly affected by your lifestyle choices. In other words, your lifestyle habits can make a direct impact on your emotional health.
Making room in your schedule for activities like meeting with a friend, going for a walk and getting some fresh air, cooking a meal, or simply lighting a candle and reading a book can be very positive for your emotional health. You might be surprised at the positive effects these habits can have on your mental health. By being more cognizant of your daily routine and habits, you could relieve stress, anxiety, and live more joyfully.


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