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If you’re a parent, you know that one of the best ways to entice a picky eater to try new foods and dishes is to make their plate as colorful and vibrant as possible. This neat little trick actually has another benefit that not too many people are aware of: it enables your kids to eat the kinds of foods that contain plenty of phytonutrients. 

Phytonutrients are compounds that provide plants their vibrant colors, and they have many health benefits for us. So, the idea of eating the rainbow truly does make sense: by consuming plants that vary in color, you enrich your diet and use these compounds to keep your health in check.  


Your immunity protectors 

When your body is up against so many different pathogens from the environment, it’s important to build a strong immune system to stay resilient and vibrant no matter your age. Phytonutrients play a key role in achieving this, as they contribute to developing a strong immune system. 

So, in addition to their role in preventing major and often life-threatening issues such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer, phytonutrients also help you stay more resilient to viral and bacterial infections for the long haul. They also help keep your immune system in check so as to prevent or minimize the risk of autoimmune issues. 


Battling inflammation 

Chronic inflammation is at the root of so many health issues. Knowing how to prevent and heal it can allow you to prevent a wide range of health issues stemming from inflammation. Phytonutrients found in different plants are known for their anti-inflammatory impact on your body. 

To learn a bit more about how these compounds can affect inflammation and how you can maximize their positive impact on your health, you can come to our upcoming workshop, Color Coded – The Role of Phytonutrients. It will an information-packed hour that you’ll walk away from with tons of practical tips on these healthful compounds and how you can optimize your nutrition to benefit from them the most. 


Disease prevention 

Eating plants is known to be crucial in preventing heart disease, diabetes, as well as a wide array of other illnesses that could drastically affect your quality of life. However, to fully maximize the potential of phytonutrients in disease prevention, it’s all about their diversity. 

They help regulate your hormones, minimize and reduce oxidative damage to your DNA caused by free radicals, and prime your body in preventing various forms of cancer.  

To introduce variety, make sure to eat plenty of fresh berries in all their colorful beauty, but also differently colored peppers, leafy greens, and don’t forget the citrusy yellow and orange on the menu. Supplements like Phytomulti can also help contribute to maintaining DNA stability and protecting your cells. 


Your best beauty allies 

With all the listed perks, it’s natural that phytonutrients also allow you to keep your youthful appearance protected, too. As antioxidants that reduce inflammation and prevent cell damage caused by oxidative stress, phytonutrients keep your skin healthy and radiant. 


Keeping your brain resilient  

We all want to keep certain neurodegenerative diseases at bay, and our eating habits greatly contribute to those efforts. However, whether you’re looking to work on prevention, or a family member is already struggling with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, phytonutrients should definitely be on the menu. 

Certain studies have shown that these compounds can have neuroprotective qualities. Even if you feel superbly healthy, these nutrients can play a preventative role in keeping your brain resilient. For example, add some vibrant curcumin into your meals and your brain will be grateful! 


There are hundreds of phytonutrients in plants, making them widely available, and easy to consume and introduce even into the strictest diet plans. The best part is, you don’t need a degree in chemistry or biology to understand or appreciate their benefits.  

You can merely think in terms of the rainbow, and you’ll eat enough of these healthful compounds to stay strong. In the meantime, if your nutrition needs some more tweaking, feel free to book a consultation and learn from the finest functional medicine experts available.