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We’re well into the holiday season, which means that you’re likely looking for those perfect holiday gifts for your friends and family, but you might also want to think of ways to revamp your lifestyle with your health in mind. One particular, healthful item might just be what you need to achieve both those goals: a Himalayan salt lamp. 

We’ve already mentioned a few perks you can expect from these beautiful, soothing home accessories. Most people have already introduced them into their space precisely for their potential health benefits. To truly make the most of such a lamp, whether you decide to gift it to someone you love or use it in your own home, here are a few key ideas to keep in mind. 


Opt for an incandescent light bulb 

Many households have switched to LED lights, and for a number of great reasons. However, your salt lamps need heat in order for you to leverage their potential health perks. For that, you need to use low voltage incandescent light bulbs which emit heat, allowing your lamp to slowly start getting warmer. 

In case you’d like to use your lamp merely as an aesthetic addition to your home, then you can safely use LED bulbs, and in different colors, if you’d like to play around with the look and feel of each lamp in your rooms. Both options will certainly help you enjoy the holidays with less stress and they’ll help elevate the mood in your household.  


Keep your lamp clean 

Due to their quirky shape, these lamps might seem a bit tricky to clean and maintain properly, but they’re actually the most low-maintenance home accessory around! First of all, there is no need to wash the lamp – the water might damage it, and it’s recommended not to keep it in rooms that are overly humid. 

With that in mind, all you need is a soft cloth to remove any dust and debris that can accumulate over time, and that’s it! Keeping your lamp clean and away from excess moisture will allow you to leverage the lamp’s health perks fully.  


A dimmer for your bedroom 

Many people introduce these beautiful lamps to their living rooms, precisely because of their potential benefits health perks such as air purification and soothing your breathing if you have asthma, but you can also use them in the bedroom. 

We currently have a Himalayan salt lamp giveaway with every test kit purchase, so this is a great opportunity if you’d like to try adding it to your bedroom to see how it affects your mood. For most people, it can be a helpful, calming way to fall asleep more easily and enhance sleep quality in general.  


Keep them on while you’re at home 

Once again, the low voltage of the bulbs used for Himalayan salt lamps makes them safe to use for long periods of time. That means you can safely leave them on for hours at a time, especially during colder months of the year when you might need some help with seasonal affective disorder, with the only prerequisite being that someone is at home. 

This is purely a precaution, as the lamps are not hazardous, so merely to be on the safe side, turn on your lamps whenever you’re at home, and keep them in use for as long as you’re there.  


These lamps deserve a spotlight this holiday season, as they can help boost your mood, relieve some of your SAD symptoms, or perhaps improve your sleep and air quality. They are easy to incorporate into virtually any environment, as they’re so low maintenance, but to make sure you’re making the most of their benefits, be sure to treat your Himalayan salt lamps with care – and share the instructions with your loved ones so that they can do that, too!