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Top 5 Health Perks of Being a Puppy Parent

Our beloved canines make us smile, they have the power to instantly boost our mood, and remind us of how important it is to be in the present moment when we get sidetracked by life’s many stressors. It turns out, puppy parenting is so much more than a source of bliss! Scientifically speaking, having a dog in your family and building companionship with these four-legged furballs brings all kinds of health perks. Let’s cover a few of the most important ones that might just inspire you to get one for yourself!

dog with owner

Canines help us minimize stress and anxiety

Numerous studies have clearly shown the immense impact dogs can have on our mental health, emotional stability, and general mood. Cuddling with your canine slows down your heartrate, lowers your blood pressure, and floods your body with those happy chemicals while reducing cortisol, the stress hormone.

There’s a good reason why we have therapy dogs, helping heal and manage a wide array of health issues, from those related to anxiety attacks, all the way to diabetes and epilepsy. All in all, dogs help us regulate our feelings and they curb stress to improve the quality of our lives.

love your dog

Dogs are perfect heart medicine

Blood pressure is a prevalent issue in the US as well as across the globe, so naturally, we all want to find simple and effective ways to retain our cardiovascular health for as long as possible. Dogs are a perfect choice for keeping your heart healthy and resilient, as various research papers have shown.

It’s not just that dogs help you destress in a particular moment – their calming effects are actually long-term, as having a dog reduces both acute and chronic stress and helps you stay calmer in general. As a result, we also get better in terms of how we respond in stressful situation. We become more impervious to stress triggers and are able to lead a balanced life.

being active is important

With puppers, our activity levels soar

Different dog breeds and mixed breeds require different activity levels, but all of them need regular walks, plenty of stimulation, and a ton of socialization and training. All of that combined means that you can boost your own fitness and general endurance when you have a furball in your life!

By keeping you active, dogs help elevate your energy and allow you to boost that sense of vibrancy. They help you stay motivated, since you have no other option but to actually leave the house even when you’re feeling extra lazy. There’s no such thing as rest days with dogs!

running with the dog

Dogs are great social life boosters

Now that we’re all struggling during the pandemic and all the social distancing rules, those who own dogs have a wonderful perk – they spent a lot of time in dog parks where other dog owners are, and where they can safely chat and bond without having to be too close.

Even without the pandemic, dogs help enhance our social lives, and especially for seniors. They are wonderful companions, they make us more gregarious, and they become a perfect conversation-starter even for the shyest of people. They can even help shy youngsters come out of their shells and communicate better.

kids and pets

Preventing allergies and enhancing immune strength

Once upon a time, people thought that having a dog or any other pet increases the risk of developing allergies. As it turns out, it’s the opposite! Letting your kids grow up with a puppy not only helps them develop a sense of empathy and responsibility, but it also primes their health and reduces the chances of allergies.

Provided that you’re not already dealing with preexisting allergies, that is, in which case you need to check if it’s safe for you to share your space with a dog. If you’re good to go, you can expect your immune system to get better, which is a wonderful “side-effect” of being exposed to all kinds of germs from our canines, helping us become more resilient.

Although there are many more perks of having a dog around (not including the occasional scratch on the furniture or a living room floor accident), the listed health-related ones are inspiring more people around the world to enrich their lives with a puppy. Remember that this is a great responsibility, so make sure you are ready, that you are healthy enough to take care of an active creature, and that you can make your dog happy, too. If you’d first like to get your health in order and prepare to share your life with a canine, book an appointment with us today and we’ll get started as soon as possible!