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Diet & Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Coaching Services in Modesto, CA

Get Healthy With Chelsea!

A personalized approach to healthy eating.

Chelsea Britton, RDN started her path towards nutrition 2000 and has been a Registered Dietitian since 2008. It was then that she decided to attend culinary school, and later, earned her BS in Dietetics from Sacramento State University. Soon she started to focus on how to prevent disease in the body with food. Chelsea has worked in a variety of settings: inpatient and outpatient consistently alongside functional medicine physicians. Her specialty is supporting patients who are looking for an alternative way of connecting with food.


Chelsea has built a diverse and extensive professional background that spans several fields related to health and wellness. In 2004, she earned her Massage Therapist Certification from the Massage Therapy Institute and four years later completed a CSUS RD internship that propelled her into establishing her own company, nutrition with CB. While building up her business, Chelsea worked as a Clinical Dietitian at Mercy San Juan Medical Center and Kaiser Permanente, as well as an Outpatient Dietitian at Kaiser Permanente. Subsequently, she held Dietitian positions with a range of medical offices. Her experience across massage therapy and dietetics, as well as her commitment to helping others achieve optimal health, speaks to her passion for wellness and desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of her clients.


How Chelsea Helps Patients Achieve Optimal Health

Our dietitian plays an essential role in helping patients achieve optimal health by working alongside our provider to develop individualized food plans that cater to specific patient scenarios. For example, for patients with gut health issues or food sensitivities, our dietitian designs food plans that eliminate problematic foods and incorporate gut-friendly options. Similarly, for patients requiring an elimination diet, our dietitian works with them to identify and remove trigger foods while ensuring that they maintain adequate nutrient intake. Our dietitian also helps improve blood work results through dietary modifications, including a focus on foods that support healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. For those looking to lose weight, our dietitian develops personalized plans that take into account individual dietary preferences and requirements, focusing on foods that promote satiety, balance blood sugar levels, and support sustainable weight loss. By leveraging their expertise in nutrition and working collaboratively with our provider, Chelsea helps patients achieve their health goals and improves their overall well-being.

Forum Health Modesto takes a comprehensive approach to diet and nutrition. Your individualized plan — a result of close collaboration with your provider and health coach — might include any of these evidence-based techniques:

It’s about doing everything possible to help you become your healthiest self.

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Diet and Nutrition Counseling FAQs

Do I have to give up my favorite foods?
For most people, we recommend a simple elimination diet. This is a key step to restoring a healthy gut, and it helps us find out what foods are best for you to avoid. But you’ll be able to reintroduce most foods — especially in moderation. In an elimination diet, you’ll stop eating the most commonly problematic foods. This gives you the fastest improvement in symptoms possible. We also add healing supplements to improve the health of your gut and overall immune system. But soon, you’ll start a slow-and-steady reintroduction process. You’ll add foods back in one at a time, noting how they make you feel. This process of elimination and reintroduction puts you in control of your health and symptoms. You’ll love the feeling!

I already eat healthy and exercise. Why do I need a health coach?
As part of a nationwide knowledge-sharing network, our health coaches can bridge the gap between the latest nutrition research and you. They’ll keep you on the cutting edge of nutrition science. And remember: There’s more to health than nutrition and exercise. Want to get better sleep? Are daily stress levels stealing your peace of mind? Your health coach can help you with these issues and more.

What’s the healthiest diet?
Each person is bioindividual. That means different combinations of genetics and environmental factors make us all unique. And this individuality extends to our nutritional needs! That’s why putting everyone on the same diet doesn’t work. Forum Health’s expert providers and health coaches will make a food plan that’s personalized to you.

There’s too much conflicting nutrition advice; I don’t know what to do!
Keto, paleo, vegan, gluten-free — the list of diet options goes on and on. It seems like every week, there’s a new study with some bold new conclusion. So many claim to have the “one right answer” to nutrition. It can be confusing! Forum Health’s expert providers and health coaches can make a sustainable food plan for you. And they’ll base it on your health conditions, lab results, and how you feel. No more fad diets or cookie-cutter advice!

I can never stick with diets. How is this different?
Our health coaches are trained in both nutrition science and counseling. They’re uniquely qualified to help you overcome barriers to reaching your health goals. Whether you need advice on eating out, traveling, athletic performance, or just forming better habits, your health coach will be on your side and eager to help.

I’ve dieted before, but my results didn’t last. How is this different?
At Forum Health, we won’t settle for short-term improvements. Our health coaches want to guide you on a path to long-term success. They’re trained to coach you toward the unique goals you have for your wellness. Consistency is required, but perfection is not! This isn’t a lose-weight-quick scheme; it’s about real changes that will improve your life as a whole.

My provider made a nutrition recommendation. How can my health coach help?
Your health coach can help you implement diet changes like reducing sugar, removing problematic foods, and boosting nutrient intake. They communicate the “why” and the “how” of our recommendations — not just the “what.” It’s not just about changing your diet. Through our whole-person approach, we aim to unlock hidden motivations and help you be well for the long term.


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