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Life is an infinite source of joy, but also, let’s face it, stress. Holidays behave like a microcosm of our entire existence, as we spend time with our loved ones, enjoy great food, but we also find practically countless reasons to be anxious and stressed.  

We have already covered quite a few stress-relieving techniques perfect for the holidays. But, if you’d like to help your loved ones by surprising them with a stress-relieving gift, as well, here are a few ideas you can add to your holiday cart this season! 

Self-care experiences 

Anyone in the mood for a spa getaway? Or a yoga resort? Maybe even just a 30-minute bubble bath could do the trick. We all lead busy lives, and with that in mind, perhaps giving the people around you an opportunity to slow down is the best way to help them relieve stress. 

You can look into different options locally, or if you’re in the mood to splurge and share the getaway, you can organize something more substantial to work on your health together, in a peaceful environment, with unlimited soothing activities to choose from.


Gift cards that keep giving 

Especially when you’re not sure what your loved ones would like, you can surprise them with a gift card they can use to get precisely what they like and need most. For example, our own Gift Card program lets you choose from a wide selection of helpful supplements, or they can also get a consultation with a functional medicine expert. 

Whichever gift card you find the most appealing, it’s definitely a stress-free option for you, as you won’t have to spend hours thinking about the perfect present, and it can empower your loved ones to find new, healthy ways to defeat stress with functional medicine!  


A class to remember 

Do any of your friends and family members like yoga, meditation, or are they curious about nutrition and healthy ways to beat stress? There can be no better way to surprise them than to offer them to enroll in a course they can implement in their own everyday life. 

Learning new stress-relieving methods and learning to recognize stress-related health problems can be a perfect way to start 2023 on a high note. 


A journal to empower their 2023 goals 

Maybe a friend or a relative wants to start forming some new healthy habits or change how they perceive themselves to build a positive body image. Maybe they just want a simple way to learn to better manage their emotions. 

In any case, a journal can help them write about their progress, and use it to follow their own journey with less stress. You can look for a lovely, engraved notebook, or a journal for a specific purpose, and write down a motivational message to provide them with even more support. 


Calming home accessories 

Could someone you care about benefit from perking up their living space? For example, their living room could use a bit of a spruce, or a bit of extra light? Especially during this season when days are shorter and often less sunny, and perhaps people are struggling with SAD, something soothing for their home could be the perfect gift. 

For example, a Himalayan salt lamp can be a simple, long-lasting present they can use in any room they like, and it requires minimal care to function properly. Other options include scented candles, artwork, and comfortable throw blankets they can use both for decorative purposes and for creating the dreamy sense of hygge during the holidays. 


It’s never too late to help yourself and the people you love make the most of the holiday season with these (and many other) stress-busting holiday presents. If you decide to refer someone to us for a consultation, or book one for yourself, you’ll further help yourself start the New Year with less stress and with your health in mind.