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Have you stocked up on vitamins and minerals ready to conquer potential colds and flu? Even if that’s the case, it’s not enough to only rely on your medicine cabinet to keep your immune system in check, although it is extremely helpful.  

Let’s go over some key steps you can take to naturally give your health a boost, especially with the holidays approaching and your social calendar filling up.  

Stress management as your priority 

Hormonal imbalances can have a detrimental impact on your wellbeing, and especially during this time of year when you’re exposed to so many different, thriving viruses and bacteria. Knowing that your immune system is constantly fending off all kinds of germs, you should do your best to facilitate the process by reducing stress. 

High levels of chronic stress tend to affect your cortisol production and in turn change how well your body can ward off illness. If you’re stressed, perhaps it’s a good moment to introduce some good stress-relieving techniques to stay on the safe side. 


Focus your plate on nutritious foods 

We know, the holidays are filled with all kinds of delicious temptations, from the Thanksgiving feast, to several days of Christmas-licious treats. Knowing that, it’s even more important to make sure that at least the majority of your meals are nutrient-dense, balanced, and that you take good care of your caloric intake. 

First and foremost, limit your sugar intake – sweet treats are a holiday staple, sure, but no need to go overboard. Instead, you can swap most of your sugar-packed goodies with filling, healthy foods based on lean protein and tons of veggies and fruits. Then, you won’t be as hungry, and you’ll reinforce your immune system with vitamins and minerals without too much hassle. 


Immune system boosters are your best allies 

Most of the time, your immune system does the job quite well without too much of your involvement, provided that your nutrition, sleep, and workouts are on point. Now, the holidays are a particular conundrum, simply because it’s hard to stick to a routine due to all the travel, family visits, events, etc. 

With that in mind, you can easily boost your immune system by introducing healthy supplements such as the Fab 4 bundle, which contains everything you need to elevate your nutrition, including vitamin D3, as well as gut-friendly probiotics. Ideal if you’re planning to be on the go and don’t have much of a say in what your daily menu will entail, but even better if you can combine it with a nutritious eating regime. 


Don’t skimp on sleep 

Late nights are a must during the holidays, as we want to savor every special moment with our loved ones. But that often has a price, especially if you’re traveling, jetlagged and without a sleep routine to rely on.  

Sleep is one of the core pillars of maintaining your immune system, so it’s crucial that you do your best to introduce a schedule that will reinforce your health during cold and flu season. Power naps are a good way to get some extra rest when possible, but also consistency is key in setting your circadian rhythm and keeping your immune system in check. 


No excuses to skip your workouts 

Some rain and colder weather should not prevent you from hitting the yoga mat, the gym, or whatever your favorite workout might be! If it’s difficult to stick to your regular routine, by all means, look for alternative, home-based options that are easy to follow and provide enough flexibility for your schedule. 

Regular exercise is essential for your health, all the more so during the colder months of the year, which is when you need to stay as active as possible. We know that huddling up with a cup of tea and a good movie is very tempting, and by all means, make it part of your weekend family time, but training deserves an equally important place in your schedule. 


Staying on top of your health needs can be a little tricky when colder months are approaching. But, we’re here to help: you can always book a consultation to get personalized guidance on how to enhance your immune system while you’re slowly building healthy habits to preserve your wellbeing for the long haul.