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Journal The Journey To Optimal Health: Care From My Monitor

What amazing times to be alive! From the comfort of my home, clad in yoga pants, and feeling no stress, I participated in my first telehealth medical visit.

Functional Medicine in Modesto California

For me it felt like an old fashioned house visit (the image I have is the doctor checking on Zuzu at her home in It’s A Wonderful Life) mixed with a future world doctor (such as Doctor McCoy in Star Trek or Dr. Beverly Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation). 


Just like Bones took care of the crew on the Enterprise, Dianne and the Team at Calmglow are going to take care of me!

I do believe this is the year of Zoom meetings. I am sure I am not the only person who has had countless video conferences from just a video conference with another person to a screen full of folks. So I was pretty sure I knew what to expect for a telehealth visit.


I was right and wrong.

We connected via the computer and chatted through our monitors. Connecting via the computer was easy and thankfully my internet was strong. That was similar to the multitude of video conferences I’ve attended. 

Telehealth Functional Medical Care



Unlike most of my Zoom meetings, I soon forgot I was on a video conference. Dianne Hinton thanked me more than once for meeting with her. How kind! She is so warm, with such a soothing voice. The call soon felt like I was chatting with a friend. A friend who is going to help me feel better!

Functional Medicine Focuses on Healing The Whole Person



We tackled the paperwork I filled out. Dianne and I did a deep dive into me: me today, my past, my family, my relationships. We discussed how I sleep and suggestions on how to improve (such as to try meditation – like a guided meditation on the Calm app and reduce my coffee intake), what is bothering me (weight and probably a tad stressed, cough, cough) and more. 

Walking dogs

We discussed what I enjoy doing to make sure I have enough movement in my life – especially since I work on a computer and spend most of the day sitting on my office chair.   I love hiking and walking. I am interested in yoga and taking up some strength training. My plan is to exercise first thing. Having dogs makes it easy to start the day with a walk!

One thing I was surprised about – how much water I need to drink. I am working on that. I get focused on a project and next thing I know I have not had a sip in ages.


Dianne, while never making me feel uncomfortable, learned a ton about me. Once we get my test results back, we’ll both know even more about me!

Stay Hydrated Drink Water


Next step: Lab test. Will not lie. I was a tad apprehensive. Then I watched the videos on the website. Now I know I’ll be able to do them. (I’ll be adulting when I have my blood drawn. Have I mentioned how much I do not like needles??) I am planning to videotape the opening of the box tests, so everyone will know the tests aren’t overwhelming or difficult! 

Integrated Medicine In Modesto Califiornia

I am so excited to become the best me I can be! Thank you for joining me on this journey!


LP (In The Transition Zone)