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Functional medicine keeps studying the intricate relationship between our health, behavior, genetics, and the environment. The more we learn, the better we can adapt our lifestyle, which helps us become better at preserving and fostering our wellbeing. 

In that pursuit, our functional medicine experts and nutritionists are happy to share their latest discoveries and actionable ideas to empower you to reclaim your wellbeing and make smarter decisions. There are a couple of workshops crafted to help you accomplish precisely that, so here’s what you can expect from the Calm Glow team in the upcoming period!


Let’s fix that gut feeling 

The upcoming class on 7/12 will be an hour filled with practical tips dedicated to taking better care of your gut. Chelsea Britton, a registered dietitian nutritionist will go over some of the most effective ways you can support your microbiome. 

The class is useful for anyone curious to learn more about the relationship between your gut and lifestyle habits, but in particular for those who have digestive issues, eczema, food sensitivities, leaky gut, or any other related problem.  


Why is your microbiome so vital? 

Your microbiome is an everchanging system that plays a role in your immunity, overall resilience, and your body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients. It helps ward off acute and chronic illnesses, and it has been found to affect everything from brain health, skin health, to weight management. 

In this spectrum, it’s easy to disrupt the sensitive balance of your microbiome with poor dietary choices, too much stress, or not knowing which foods to avoid in case of sensitivities. That’s why taking good care of your gut is so important, and this workshop is dedicated to repairing your microbiome with several crucial steps you can implement every day. 


Do you need a stress reset? 

A week after our gut-centered workshop, you can join us for another restorative conversation with Chelsey about the impact of stress on your adrenal health. More specifically, we’ll target how adrenal fatigue ties into your daily stress exposure and what you can do to detox from stress. 

The result you can expect over time: reclaiming your energy levels, restoring your adrenal function, and supporting your optimal mood and overall hormone production.  


Recognize the stress-caused red flags 

To figure out if you could benefit from this workshop, it’s enough to ask yourself how you’re handling stress every day. Do you struggle with sugar cravings and emotional eating? How about insomnia caused by too much anxiety? Are you burnt out at work or at home, and you have a hard time maintaining a healthy exercise schedule? 

Restoring your energy requires less stress, and to eliminate stress or manage it better when it’s unavoidable, you can turn to Chelsey’s expert tips on self-care, stress relief, spiritual growth, as well as nutrition and exercise. As usual, we take a functional, holistic approach to the problem.


Spread the word – spread the kindness 

Maybe you have every aspect of your lifestyle under solid control. Do you know someone among your friends or family who could use a health boost, some guidance on smarter eating and living, or better stress management? 

They could probably benefit from joining these workshops, too. Since they’re virtual, people can attend no matter where they are as long as the time suits them. They last an hour each, making them perfectly balanced to provide ample actionable, research-backed insights, yet compact enough not to be too demanding for anyone’s schedule or attention. Even if you feel well-equipped to handle your gut wellbeing and stress, you’re more than welcome to join. 


If you’re looking to turn a new leaf in how you treat yourself, if your gut needs a change of pace, or you need a stress detox, these are the two workshops your body will be grateful for.  

If you’re not sure if these apply to you, feel free to set up a consultation with a functional medicine expert to help you make the right choice, although there’s no such thing as the wrong choice with learning more about proper nutrition!