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So many people are struggling to manage their weight and end up investing thousands of dollars (and hours) into poorly researched weight loss supplements and poorly structured workouts. In such scenarios, even staying consistent doesn’t lead to the desired results, and too many people give up and go back to their earlier, bad eating habits.

Add age into the mix, and the challenge of weight loss gets even more complicated, with your changing hormones and decreasing muscle mass and bone density affecting your energy and your ability to stay active. To help you on your weight loss journey in a medically sound way, we’ve crafted a program designed to get you across the finish line and help you stay healthy for the long haul.

Meet Semaglutide

If you have or know someone who has type 2 diabetes, you might be familiar with Semaglutide – a medication that helps keep your blood sugar levels in check. But it’s also a common choice prescribed by physicians for people without diabetes to help them manage or lose weight more effectively.

This is a simple overview of how it works: Semaglutide behaves like a naturally occurring hormone in your body and it reduces your blood sugar levels after you’ve had a meal. It’s an injectable medication, and when combined with the right workout plan and good nutrition, it can be exceptionally effective in enabling weight loss.

Exercise and diet plan

Of course, medication is just one component of the program. For this approach of ours to work, you also need a tailor-made workout routine and a nutrition plan that will allow you to lose weight in a controlled, healthy manner.

You need to consume optimal amounts of macronutrients and choose healthy foods as the sources of those macros. Simply put, it’s not enough to just reduce fat intake if that’s the macro category that you’re overconsuming, but you also need to choose healthy fat sources and manage your calories.  

And, finally, you need a training routine that helps you progress, boost your cardiovascular health, bone density, and healthy muscle mass. All that will ensure that your nutritious meals are being used for all the right goals, and that the medication you’re taking will be even more effective.

Ongoing guidance and support

Unlike most other programs, ours has another crucial component to empower your success: continuous progress tracking. You will get three health coach visits during the program to make sure you’re following the steps properly and provide advice if necessary.

Complete program overview

Finally, let’s go over what the program includes exactly, to make it easy for you to evaluate if it’s something you can benefit from. You can expect:

⦁ The first appointment to set you up for the program
⦁ 3 visits from your health coach to keep you on the right track
⦁ Yor first Semaglutide prescription
⦁ 2 body composition analyses to see your progress in numbers – the first one is the initial one when you’re just getting started, and the second one during a follow-up visit

And here’s the pricing breakdown:

⦁ Month 1: $875
⦁ Month 2: $550
⦁ Month 3 & ongoing: $550

Keep in mind that the duration of the program will be recommended by a professional at the beginning, during your initial assessment. Depending on your progress and desired goals, you might choose to stay longer for the program, which is why we’ve adapted the pricing to make sure it’s a sensible investment for long-term participants. 

No matter your age or exercise experience, our Medical Weight Loss Program is tailor-made to each participant to make sure you take full advantage of its medical component as well as lifestyle changes. The goal is not just to enable you to shed weight, but also to keep it off for good, and to keep your health in check. You can also talk to a functional medicine expert first if you’d like to make sure you’re a good fit for the program, so feel free to set up an appointment anytime!