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Try Your Hand at Acupressure with Jin Shin Jyutsu

Acupressure is an ancient technique used in eastern medicine for health and spiritual alignment, improving mental health, removing blockages and tension in the body, and just promoting overall wellbeing with a deep sense of calm. While acupressure has been in use for millenia in Japan and the far east, it has found its way to the western world and is nowadays a respected field in alternative medicine, alongside acupuncture.

The basic idea behind acupressure and the Jin Shin Jyutsu method that we will be focusing on today is using pressure points in the body to instill harmony, reduce inflammation, and promote a natural and holistic approach to health. Jin Shin Jyutsu is especially effective in restoring the energy circulation in your body, and if you apply the right pressure to the right finger on each of your hands, for example, it can help alleviate numerous physical and mental ailments.

Let’s take a look at what applying pressure to each of the fingers on your hands does and how to do it right.

Putting pressure on your thumb
Starting at the base of your thumb in the area between the thumb and your index finger, also known as the hand valley, you will find a pressure point that you can use to achieve full-body balance and relieve tension. If you apply gentle pressure to this point for five minutes while remembering to breathe deeply, you will start to notice that your whole-body tension is dissipating and that you’re regaining balance.

This point is also great for alleviating nausea. Moving upward, you can apply pressure to the middle part of your thumb to help relieve anxiety, depression, and a general sense of nervousness. Applying pressure to the tip of your thumb is a good way to calm your spleen, small intestine, and your stomach in general.

Putting pressure on your index finger
Moving on to the index finger, applying pressure to the tip of the finger and holding it for about five minutes is a great way to alleviate intestinal discomfort and improve gut health, but also to improve the functioning of your bladder and your kidneys. This pressure point can also help harmonize your urinary system, warding off urinary tract inflammation in the process.

Putting pressure on the middle point of your index finger will help deal tooth aches and muscle cramps, the latter of which is great if you’re suffering from muscle soreness after a tough workout or if you’re experiencing muscle cramps during a particularly difficult period. Coupled with the fact this pressure point also helps heal back pain, it’s a wonderful tool for alleviating pain in general.

Putting pressure on your middle finger
The main benefit of applying prolonged pressure to your middle finger with calm, continuous breathing, is being able to improve energy and blood circulation throughout your body. Pressing down on this pressure point is also a good way to focus on your liver and on calming your nerves. This can be particularly beneficial for those of you who want to achieve a deeper sense of calm and composure.

Because of the benefits it brings to your overall cardiovascular wellbeing, it can be a great complement to our BBR Complete supplement that helps regulate cholesterol and safeguard your cardiovascular health. Try holding this pressure point for a minute longer to relieve headaches and even menstrual pain.

Putting pressure on your ring finger
When you apply pressure to your ring finger, you can let positive energy flow to your lungs, improving your breathing and alleviating tension in your chest. The ring finger pressure point is also a good energy gateway to your digestive tract, so you can use it to bring health to your digestive system and improve digestive processes.

If you are feeling sad or distressed, or if you are grieving, you can use this pressure point to alleviate these negative feelings and regain a more positive mindset.

Putting pressure on your pinkie
And finally, applying continuous pressure to your pinkie will release energy towards your nervous system and improve blood flow to your extremities. Blood flow is also improved towards your vital organs, especially the heart, allowing you to slow down your heart rate and steady a racing heart.

This pressure point is great for relieving feelings of anxiety, and it can stave off panic attacks and tension. Apply pressure for more than five minutes to relieve issues with your bones, treat a sore throat, and relieve bad indigestion.
Acupressure is an amazing way to alleviate tension in your body, but also to help treat numerous mental and physical ailments.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a powerful self-healing method that you can use in conjunction with other healthy habits to nurture a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, leading to a life filled with a deep sense of calm, happiness, and health.



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