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5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

detox tips

Don’t you just love spending your mornings with your favorite smoothie in one hand, and a really good book in the other? This dreamy vision would be all but perfect all year round if it weren’t for the seasonal flu, right? We’ve all been there – the annoying sniffles, headaches, nasal congestion, the tiresome fever, the whole shebang! Add the pandemicinto the mix, and you have the perfect, feverish storm.

Luckily, there are simple, yet effective ways to help get your resilience back on track. With the right strategy up your sleeve, you can boost your immune system with nothing more than what Mother Nature has to give. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind!

the importance of sleep

Get your fair share of Zzs

Sometimes, doing less and giving yourself a break is exactly what your body needs to recover properly and stay strong. Getting enough shut-eye means that you give your mind and body ample time to flush out toxins, regenerate from your workout, and prepare for the next day’s activities.

Sleep is responsible for balancing your hormones and keeping your mood in check. It also allows your body to produce the right immune response in case you catch a cold, meaning that a lack of sleep can really affect your body’s defense.

healthy food benefits

Be a picky eater

Abs aren’t the only thing made in the kitchen – your wholesome menu is responsible for your resilience, too! Make sure that your plate is colorful, nutrient-dense and diverse, and that you combine all three essential macronutrients in your diet: carbs, fat, and protein.

And of course, don’t forget about those little buggers called micronutrients, also known as vitamins and minerals. They are the building blocks of your immune system, and they will ward off a cold in a heartbeat when you consume them consistently and in correct amounts!

the importance of exercise

Move it, move it

Hand in hand with nutrition, exercise is another pillar of health and wellness you cannot afford to neglect. Responsible for the production of all those happy hormones such as dopamine and serotonin, regular exercise also helps keep your immune system in check.

With enough moderate activity on a daily basis, you can help your immune system work better: your metabolism will increase, your blood flow will improve, and your body will fight inflammation with ease.

the importance of supplements

Reinforcements for your diet

More often than not, we’ll fail to include all the key ingredients in our daily menu. This is where high-quality supplementation steps in to save the day! Choosing functional supplements that are based on natural ingredients with high bioavailability will help you keep your immune system strong.

For example, vitamin C is known for its role in fighting off viral infections, whereas the mineral selenium also plays a part in keeping your immune system up to par. You can also find powerful combinations of vitamin C and zinc such as Immune Active, since both ingredients are known for their crucial role in immune strength. When you don’t cover your daily intake of these and other immune-boosting ingredients, you risk jeopardizing your health. That’s why reinforcing your diet is always a good idea when your doctor or nutritionist recommends it!

no stress

Banish stress

Finding your Zen has more perks than you can imagine! Although you cannot escape stress (it’s all around us, isn’t it?), you can definitely become more impervious to your stress triggers. Be it an unreasonable customer, a family conflict, or your own anxiety – they all wreak havoc on your immune health.

Try mindfulness meditation for ten minutes a day and choose affirmations to build a more positive mindset. Slow down during those hectic days and enjoy a healthy treat, or start writing a journal to process your emotions and thoughts. Reducing stress will help reduce body-wide inflammation and help your body battle viral infections more easily.

So how about it? It’s time to put these ideas into practice and use them every day to keep your immune system strong. Not sure where to start? Book a consultation with us, and we’ll help you create the right path for improving your health!