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Health and Wellness Trends to Shape 2023

During the pandemic, we have all become more careful with our everyday choices and long-term health decisions. Naturally, this tendency and greater awareness have shaped the health and wellness trends to arise over the past several years. Naturally, 2023 will be the culmination of our need to take better care of ourselves, mentally as well as physically. 

Here’s what you’ll find in the 2023 health and wellness spotlight, and hopefully, you will be able to leverage some of these trends on the rise to improve your self-care habits and boost your health. 

the baby in the bed with the cap next to the bear yawns

Circadian eating put to the test 

For a while now, we’ve heard of the new up and coming trend called circadian eating: the shift from eating heavily late in the evening to eating smaller, lighter meals earlier in the day, aligning our diet with our circadian rhythm. 

In 2023, this trend will reflect our increasing need to improve our sleep quality and quantity, as well as our need to improve our diet. Circadian eating is still relatively new, so we have yet to see how effective it will be, but it will surely become a popular way to help people adjust their sleeping and eating habits. 

the girl is holding a small plant with a clod of soil in her hands

Sustainability on the rise 

As a species, we are quickly becoming more aware of the link between our own health and our planet’s wellbeing. That alone will dictate our choice of brands, stores, and farms that take better care of our world and follow the most vital sustainability practices. 

More people will switch to local and seasonal foods to offset the typical carbon footprint associated with import and export. At the same time, organic, pesticide and antibiotic-free foods will be more prevalent in our diet, redefining our health choices.  

glass jars with dry spices

Holistic programs over partial progress 

Ask any nutrition or fitness expert and you’ll get the same response: a workout plan without a diet plan will not work wonders for your health, and vice versa. The connection between all our healthy (or unhealthy) habits will inspire more people in 2023 to support their goals with holistic, all-encompassing programs just like our Medical Weight Loss Program 

Getting the necessary support in planning out your diet and exercise in 2023 will set the stage for lasting healthy habits. So, instead of reaching for just one or the other, this year will be all about holistic self-care with professional guidance. 

oatmeal with freshe fruit

Taking better care of our gut health 

We’ve already learned that our gut plays a crucial role in our immune system and overall resilience. We’re still learning about all the different influences our gut has in shaping our wellbeing, including the connection between our microbiome, sugar, and obesity. 

Recognizing all of these connections is helping us refine how we preserve our gut health, which will be another 2023 trend on the rise. Whether you’re looking to improve your skin health, immunity, or brain health, focusing on your gut will get you there. 

cereal with dried fruit, nuts, fresh apricots and yogurt

Focus on fiber  

Yes, our macros still matter. People are more careful about their protein needs, and we have learned how to figure out the best carb and fat sources to support our health goals. However, we’ve managed to lose sight of a particular group of carbs that has the power to support our gut health, weight management, and all our fitness goals: fiber. 

This year, you will be able to discover more supplements that focus on fiber, as well as products that are reinforced with fiber in order to help people improve the quality of their diets. If you have already mastered the art of balancing your macros, then it’s time to nail your fiber intake, as well. 


Some trends will fade once we discover new, better ways to infuse our lives with health, but some of the listed options are far from fads – they will likely outlast our previous, unhealthy habits and help us improve. If you need help setting yourself up for success in making better health-related decisions, schedule a consultation with a functional medicine expert and start your 2023 right.