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Living in the modern times means being accustomed to having many choices. Some might even say too many. This kind of convenience and the sheer number of options on the store shelves have pushed many people towards impulse buying. That means reaching for imported goods, all-year-round produce even though it’s not grown in a natural environment, and chemically laden goods with an unnatural shelf life.

On the other end of that spectrum lie seasonal, local foods. You’ll notice that many nutritionists, and functional medicine experts will guide you towards eating more seasonal, and less imported and out-of-season foods. Here’s why!


The flavor is incomparable

In addition to the actual food preparation process that impacts your meals’ flavor, the food itself should inherently have specific aromas. Produce that is harvested in peak season and in natural conditions is much more delicious, due to its high nutrient content, which is preserved since the food won’t cross vast distances to reach your table.

You’ll notice that in-season strawberries retain their luscious, sweet taste, while those imported strawberries you buy out of season will be bland at best. Mass-produced goods that aren’t exposed to natural sunlight and given enough time to ripen have significantly less flavor. Seasonal, local goods are freshly picked and carefully cared for.


Nutrient density

The main reason why local and seasonal foods are far healthier for you and better for boosting your immune resilience is their nutrient content. When grown in season and allowed to ripen in the right conditions, foods will naturally develop more antioxidants as well as all other vitamins and minerals essential for your wellbeing.

The high nutrient density of local and seasonal foods contributes to lowering inflammation in your body and preventing or reducing free radical damage. This makes local and seasonal foods more powerful for detoxing your body, but also for elevating your energy levels throughout the year and preventing harmful nutrient deficiencies.


Clean foods support your immune system

Knowing the source of your food has other perks: it allows you to not just eat seasonal, but to pick the local farmers with transparent policies on the kind of processes they have. Are they organic? Do they use pesticides or any other chemicals? Are they safe for your gut?

Seasonal foods are far less likely to be laden with toxic substances that prolong their life span, because they are meant to be purchased and eaten immediately, and not travel across the globe.

In that sense, clean, pesticide-free foods are much healthier for your body, and they prevent toxic buildup. If you’re worried about deficiencies during the colder months of the year, you can introduce healthy supplements like the Fab 4 with vitamin D to ensure you have the right immune support throughout the year.


Affordability and sustainability

The price of the food you buy reflects more than just the value of the produce itself. If you’re buying imported, exotic goods, the shipping and all kinds of taxes go into that price, too, whereas your local farms lose out.

Buying seasonal and local allows you to save up, as the price of such foods is much lower. At the same time, you’ll live more sustainably, since you won’t buy foods with excessive carbon footprints that are shipped from far away and coated in chemicals that prolong their viability.

Local, seasonal goods are without a doubt one of the simplest, most effective ways to refine your diet with little to no effort whatsoever. Your menu will become richer, your tastebuds will be pleased, and your health will flourish. If you need help restructuring your diet to include more seasonal foods without leading to any kind of deficiency, get in touch with us and book a consultation today.