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COVID-19 Vaccine Preparation 101 – Tips to Get Ready


Some of you have already had the unfortunate encounter with the virus that has caused the ongoing pandemic, while some have yet to experience it first-hand. In the meantime, scientists across the globe have been working extremely hard to create effective vaccines that can be mass-produced and become widely available quickly.

Whether you’ve already experienced COVID-19 and its symptoms, or you’re going to be among the lucky few to get the jab before that happens – preparation is essential. Much like you would prepare for an exam or a trip, getting ready for this vaccine will prime your immune system!

Don’t worry, feeling achy or getting light sweats means that your body is properly responding to the vaccine and that your immune system is building up antibodies to COVID-19. According to the latest available research, you can ensure a better outcome from your vaccine by following these steps:


Get ample quality sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep should be your number one priority in the days before your vaccination is scheduled. For your immune system to respond properly, you need to get plenty of rest, and consistently so.

  • Go to bed early, so that you can get enough hours of proper, uninterrupted rest and wake up invigorated.
  • Unplug after 6pm – too much screen time will keep you up and disrupt your sleep, so it’s vital to switch to relaxing activities such as reading a book instead of watching TV in the several hours before bedtime.
  • Taking a sleep aide will help your body make the most of your downtime. As a hormone vital for sleep regulation, melatonin can help you keep your circadian rhythm in check, and it’s useful for ensuring a proper immune response. Add to that, the valerian root-based Best Rest formula can help boost the quality and quantity of rest you can get, while 5-htp Supreme supports your energy levels during the day as well as proper sleep at night.



When you’re about to get the vaccine, it’s best to steer clear of intense workouts and stick to milder activities.

  • Take a leisurely walk once or twice a day – this low-impact exercise will keep your body in shape without overexerting yourself.
  • Light stretching and yoga are both wonderful ways to stay active, strengthen your body, but still relax and unwind.
  • Light weightlifting is another great choice of home-based training to stay resilient before getting the vaccine.



Shed a few pounds

A pound of bodyweight requires 2200 calories, which means that if you have a little extra weight on your frame, you can help yourself by cutting your caloric intake in the three days before you get vaccinated.

The best way to achieve that is to avoid fast food and instead consume fresh, home-made meals and ample wholefoods. Nothing can trump the immune-boosting power of healthy food, so this is one of your best strategies to keep your immune response strong and healthy.



Improve your gut health

Research has already shown that the microbiome in our digestive tract plays a vital role in our immune system. As such, protecting your gut health can help mount a strong antibody response to the virus when you get the vaccine.

  • Eat plenty of fermented foods such as yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha, and miso.
  • Increase your daily intake of fiber with beans, popcorn, broccoli, apples, whole grain breads, potatoes, and nuts.
  • Take a probiotic such as Strengtia to naturally boost your gut wellbeing with the right active strains.


Healthy nutrition

This is the perfect moment to give your immune system the support it needs and amplify your nutrition.

  • Eat your daily dose of greens and veggies, to provide your body with ample vitamins and minerals.
  • The zinc and vitamin C found in Immune Active are a great example of the perfect combination for your health.
  • Steer clear of fast food!


Stress management

Studies have shown that stress can have a negative impact on your wellbeing, and now is all the more important for you to manage your stress properly.

  • Chronic stress – Do your best to avoid stressful situations in the three days before your vaccination.
  • Acute stress – Do your best to stay calm and don’t invite anything new, radical, or upsetting into your life. Consider trying or restarting meditation to bring you a sense of calm when you know you might be tense or anxious.



Curb Loneliness

All the social distancing, quarantine, and isolation have brought on a sense of loneliness in our lives, which can affect your mental and physical health poorly. Now’s the time to take better care of your social life by connecting with the people you love – take a walk together, share a cup of coffee via zoom, or talk to them on the phone.


What to do if you’re a smoker?

Well, this would not be the most ideal time to quit smoking as it would be considered an acutely stressful situation. It’s best to comfortably reduce smoking for 3 days prior to your vaccine and then pick a day to quit altogether once you’re done with getting the second dose, too.



For 3 days before the vaccine, you should avoid:

  • Alcohol and drugs (but do not stop regular prescription medications)
  • Acute stressful situations – practice healthy stress management with exercise, relaxation, and meditation. Try the “Calm” app to help you cope with stress, too.
  • Fast food
  • Cardio workouts
  • Sleepless nights

Don’t worry if you slip up, just restart your 3-day count, and then get your vaccine! If you’d like more detailed guidance or you’d simply like to lead a healthier life before and after the vaccine, feel free to schedule an appointment with us and we’ll start the journey together.