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Aging Well with Adaptogens – Tips to Use Adaptogenic Plants for a Healthy Life

There’s a common misconception that aging goes hand in hand with a number of chronic illnesses, as if it’s mandatory to get sick as you grow older. Yes, your genetics determines the likelihood of developing certain conditions, but your lifestyle choices play an equally vital role in how you age. While it’s natural to grow old and experience changes in your aging body and mind, it’s also possible to be healthy in your silver years, and throughout the decades preceding them.

Taking better care of yourself through your nutrition and with the help of functional medicine as your guide can be easier when you rely on adaptogens. Simply put, adaptogens are plants and herbs with the ability to defeat the effects of stress in your body – here’s how you can use them to your advantage!


How adaptogens beat stress

Premature signs of aging are linked to too much stress in your life, as well as your body’s ability to process that stress. Chronic exposure to stress typically leads to mental health issues like anxiety, but also physiological changes such as hormonal imbalances and sleep pattern disturbances like insomnia. Such changes in hormone production (especially cortisol and adrenaline) lead to too much chronic inflammation in your body, which in turn causes aging to occur too early.

In a way, despite your natural age, you might find yourself aging rapidly due to chronic stress! Adaptogens can be your powerful allies in preventing this chronic stress from wreaking havoc on your body’s natural processes. They help reduce inflammation and stress-aggravated symptoms and restore your natural state of homeostasis – your body’s ability to balance internal and external stress.


Adaptogenic plants to add to your diet

Supplementation for the sake of better health is a wonderful way to support your body by optimizing your nutrition. Just like NeuroO2 helps keep your brain agile as you age through proper oxygenation, certain adaptogenic plants in your nutrition can allow a similar anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating effect throughout your body.

  • Asian Ginseng – Great for your immune system, but also serves as a perfect supplement to defeat the impact of stress and the accompanying hormonal imbalances.
  • Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero) – Wonderful for better brainpower, elevated energy, and boosts recovery after exercise or any type of strain.
  • Ashwagandha – A remedy for soothing anxiety, it also helps optimize adrenal gland and thyroid function, and it elevates your sense of overall wellbeing. It’s also used as a natural immune system booster.
  • Guduchi (Giloy) – A favorite Ayurvedic plant, Guduchi is used in elevating your immune response in general health and wellbeing. Like CollaGen with its power to promote the regeneration of skin and connective tissue by reducing inflammation, this plant helps alleviate inflammation and its impact on your body, as well.
  • Reishi – This mushroom is known for its ability to reduce our reaction to stress, but it also helps boost your quality of sleep, hormonal balance, and reduce your fatigue.
  • Rhodiola – A healthful plant that has been in use for a very long time, it serves to reduce your stress levels, fight fatigue, and reduce anxiety and depression.


Rejuvenate your mind and body

By battling stress at the source, adaptogens help prevent premature aging caused by inflammation, excessive free radical damage, and hormonal issues. In a very important way, adaptogenic plants might be a simple addition to your diet, but they are a great addition to your diet as a way to enhance your longevity as well as your quality of life at every one of its stages, including your silver years.

From maintaining optimal brain function and cognitive capabilities, all the way to preventing fatigue, insomnia and mental health troubles, adaptogens help you stay youthful and resilient inside and out, no matter what kinds of uncertainties life throws your way.


Elevate your energy levels

Naturally, you’ll turn to sleep to restore your energy levels, whether you’re dealing with spring fatigue or overwhelming amounts of work. Chances are, the lack of sleep and too much work are more than enough to put too much stress on you, plummeting your energy.

Going straight to the source (or in this case, stress) means you’re going to help your body cope with the core issue, allowing you to become more resilient to stress triggers by using adaptogens. Over time, you’ll find yourself handling your work and other sources of stress in life with more poise and peace of mind. In turn, that means better, more restful sleep, less fatigue during the day, and less anxiety.

Whether you make an appointment with us or you start revamping your diet on your own, keep these ancient, but timeless plants in mind as a boost for your wellbeing. They can help you lead a more harmonious life with less strife, and over time, you can use Mother Nature just like functional medicine does, to enhance the quality of your life for the long haul.