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5 Healthy Alternatives for Your Morning Cup of Coffee

There are certain habits that are hard to break. Especially if we turn them into beloved little rituals and associate them with relaxation and self-care. Sometimes we even build a bunch of other habits and behaviors around them. So, in addition to that hot cup of joe, you just have to have your morning smoke, right? Or perhaps a slice of cake whenever you visit your favorite coffee shop?

As innocent as it may seem, excessive coffee consumption can actually cause a slew of health problems. Some of them might even escape detection at first, because you keep ascribing them to other causes, or you simply pour another mug of coffee to feel better. From fatigue, diarrhea, all the way to heartburn, your cup of coffee could be doing you more harm than good. Here are a few delicious, yet healthy alternatives you can use in your routine!


Start your morning with lemonade

Like so many people, perhaps you kick-start your morning with coffee to get energized and boost your focus. What coffee might actually accomplish for you is make you jittery and irritable, without you even noticing that the mood change is caused by this tasty drink.

Instead, you can start your morning with a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade! It’s packed with a healthy dose of vitamin C to elevate your immune system, and it’s the ideal base for spices to make your mornings taste more versatile. Try adding some ginger, or some grapefruit to the mix!

golden milk

Have you tried golden milk?

This might become your all-time winter favorite to warm you right up and help you start your day on a positive note. Especially if you’re dealing with the winter blues and some anxiety, coffee might worsen your state of mind, while golden milk will soothe you.

  • Use a glass of milk, or its non-dairy alternative, for the base of the recipe.
  • Add some spices and healthy sweeteners to enhance the flavor, such as cinnamon, honey, cardamom, turmeric, black pepper – or even all those combined.
  • Warm it all up while stirring to avoid burning the ingredients, and voila! Your warm cup of bliss is ready!


The rich matcha tea

If you’ve been drinking coffee daily for a long time, chances are that you’re feeling the consequences, and your gut health might no longer be up to par. You can start slowly healing your overall wellbeing with a good probiotic and vitamin blend such as the Fab 4, and swap coffee for something less irritating for your digestive tract.

A good place to start would be earthy matcha tea, known by now for its potent health perks, and mild enough to replace your cup of joe while getting you energized for the day. You can find organic matcha powder and use it as your morning beverage to give your body plenty of antioxidants – and keep in mind that you can make a matcha latte if you use milk or a non-dairy alternative instead of water!

Good, old cacao

For those of you who are set on ditching coffee during this time of year, this is the perfect moment to join our “Cut the Coffee” challenge! This cold turkey method is ideal for those who are dealing with irritability and gut trouble exacerbated by coffee.

However, you do need a set of coffee alternatives, one of them being cacao! Without that caffeine kick, but still packed with flavor, cacao is a great choice for coffee lovers. You can brew it in many different ways, add spices such as cinnamon and vanilla, and turn those simple cups into delightful rituals to start the day.

Caffeine-free blends like Teeccino

Living in a health-conscious community such as California means having access to local coffee alternatives that don’t lack flavor or diversity. Teeccino is merely an example, and they offer over twenty brilliant flavors that are gluten-free, but also don’t contain caffeine.

Based on an authentic mix od seeds, nuts, as well as herbs and fruits, these blends are a great alternative to ordinary coffee, and they cannot disappoint in terms of taste. These can become part of your holiday drinks menu, or even an all-year beverage to keep you warm and intrigued by many different flavors.

From proprietary blends that offer tasty, but wellness-focused coffee alternatives, all the way to simple beverages such as lemonade, you do have options! Coffee has become embedded into our culture, it has become the norm for asking someone out for a date, or even a business encounter.

To break the pattern, you need to find the beverage that works for you. For those of you who are struggling with other unhealthy behaviors such as smoking or overeating, call us for a consultation, and we can start creating the plan for you.