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5 Ways to Help Your Body Detox

Made up of many intricate, interacting systems, your body’s natural detoxing “infrastructure” is constantly working hard to keep you healthy. From your liver, lungs, all the way to your kidneys and entire digestive tract, detoxing is a never-ending process ensuring you have a strong immune system, that you can ward off disease, and minimize your risk of autoimmune disorders.

But even with that intricate system working so hard, your body could also use your help. We’ve already covered some essential tips you can use for post-holiday detoxing, but let’s focus on detox ideas that you can leverage in your everyday lifestyle. 

a glass of strong drink spilling

Cut out alcohol and other toxic substances

Yes, your body can remove waste and it does that all the time. So when you consume unhealthy amounts of alcohol, cigarettes, or any other toxic substances, your body will do its best to eliminate the compounds that can harm your health.

But, now that your goal is to help your body detox properly, the best way to do that is to actually eliminate these substances from the get-go. This choice alone can reduce the stress your body goes through to remove such waste from your system.

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Try a Paleo cleanse

There’s a myriad of cleansing options you can try – some more effective than others, especially when done right. We’ve created a simple, 14-day Pure Paleo Cleanse you can try, to provide your body with the nutrients you need to stay healthy, while also strengthening your detoxing system.

The goal is to choose a program that’s not overwhelming or too harsh on your body. On the contrary, you need a healthy, balanced take on detoxing that doesn’t deprive your body of nutrients and doesn’t jeopardize your wellbeing.

macaroons next to a cup of coffee and white tulips

Say no to sugar and caffeine 

If you’re not a big fan of alcohol or cigarettes, you might feel that treating yourself to a slice of cake or a large cup of coffee isn’t too hard on your body. Now, we’re not at all saying that occasionally enjoying something you love in moderation should be forbidden. However, the key words here are occasionally, and in moderation. 

So, if you’re looking for a simple way to support your body’s natural detoxing processes, this is another thing you can do: eliminate sugar and caffeine temporarily, during your cleanse. Whether you want to lose weight or you simply want to boost your health, skipping sugar and caffeine is a great way to take some pressure off your body’s natural detoxing efforts.

bowls with nuts and dates

Give fasting a go

For decades, people have used various forms of intermittent fasting to shed unwanted weight, but it is also a powerful tool for supporting your body’s detoxing processes. For example, fasting lets your digestive tract get some much-needed rest and it allows your microbiome to recover, especially if you consume prebiotics and healthy probiotics during the times of day when you eat.

While you’re fasting, be sure to rely on healthy smoothies to consume the necessary micro and macronutrients for proper immune function and overall health. That, combined with setting aside specific times of day for fasting, will help make your fast even more effective.

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Don’t skimp on sleep

As much as we all know that sleep is crucial for our health, it’s most likely the first habit that suffers because of our modern lifestyle and common actions, such as too much blue light exposure from using our phones, spending too much time online, or staying up for too long. 

In doing so, you’re impeding your body’s natural ability to flush out toxins when you’re supposed to be resting. At night, your body and mind go through a wide array of restorative processes in order to get ready for the next day – so, one of the most effective decisions you can make to support your detoxing needs is to get more quality sleep, and more consistently so.

Your body has a whole host of powerful detoxing mechanisms that are already helping you stay healthy and resilient. But with the right reinforcements, be they in the form of supplementation, dedicated detoxing programs, or lifestyle changes, you can further strengthen your body’s built-in detoxing system. 

If you need help choosing what’s best for you, set up a consultation with one of our functional medicine experts anytime, and you can look for a custom plan that suits your needs.