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Your Compounded Bio-Identical Hormones…At Risk!

Dear Patient and Friends, We hope that you are beginning a lovely holiday season despite all the limits of social interactions that we are currently facing. It is undoubtedly a time to get creative! Ensuring that our current choices are the best for having everyone at the table for future holidays is something to contemplate and act upon. I encourage you, for signs of an effective vaccine are on the near horizon, and we want to get there together.

Many of you have experienced what an individualized approach to your health care and hormone needs can do, and the health and quality of life benefits this approach provides. Everybody is different, and as your clinician, I have to consider those differences as I prescribe the hormones to be most effective for you. Integral to that approach is the availability of compounded hormonal formulas. Without those, I would be like a surgeon hired to do surgery, but with one hand tied behind my back. That really would not be very successful!!

Same with compounded hormones. If we didn’t have them available, we would be dominantly dependent on synthetic hormones, with a host of factors limiting their safe use. Many times estrogen is only available as a pre-made oral that increases blood clot risks (high risk). Or as a very low dose cream that does not provide the needed effects to resolve symptoms. Testosterone for women is only available as a compound, and progesterone is often only in synthetic forms (high risk). The few that are bio-identical in pre-made forms comes only as a capsule in peanut oil. This is not preferred due to its carcinogenic tendencies and, for many, not the administration route that is needed for their body.

Compounded hormonal formulas have been a mainstay to bio-identical hormone therapy for 4-5 decades, and that availability needs to continue. Right now, without any conclusive studies or clear evidence of any harm, there is a push for them to be taken off the market by the FDA. Throughout my career, about every ten years, there is a push by the FDA to do this but without good evidence other than for potentially political, pharmaceutical industry reasons. That is the case now.

We urge you to join this forum which is collecting data on how compounded bio-identical hormones have benefited patients. They need to hear from patients like you to present data to the FDA on the effective clinical outcomes of compounded bio-identical hormones. Please, in your testimony, do not criticize the FDA, or your testimony will be thrown out. This is for constructive feedback on the positive effects of compounds and could help to turn the tide we are facing.

The following is information from the organization:

  • Compounded bio-identical hormone therapy (cBHT) has helped millions of people. Help us understand how it affected YOU or your PATIENTS. The FDA is considering restrictions on compounded hormone therapy.
  • We want to learn how and why patients are using compounded hormone therapy (sometimes called cBHT or cBHRT). We want to know how it’s affected their lives and health, so we can better inform the FDA.
  • We would love to have your testimonial about your compounded hormone therapy. Tell us a little about yourself, then please type or upload your testimonial.
  • If your therapy was via a non-compounded drug, please do not complete this form. Thank you!

Direct Link for Patient data collection: Data Collection

Information on the organization: 

Partnership for Personalized Prescription

May your holiday season and the New Year continue to bring new opportunities for health and well being for you, your family and friends. 

And may we soon get beyond the COVID-19 of 2020.