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Why I Do What I Do

Never before have I worked in an area of medicine that produces the results that a Functional Medicine practice, centered on bio-identical hormones, gives to patients.  To help women and men of all ages create better quality of life and lower disease risks is very rewarding to me personally and professionally.  It motivates me to continue learning and applying new information by upgrading protocols for sustained health and well-being. When I was in my early 40’s, menopausal symptoms were literally sinking me and my health.  I knew there had to be a better way and I set out to find it. I started bio-identicals, treated my gut and adrenal issues and kept learning.  Eventually my thyroid was healing, and slowly, over time, I began to feel better and better.


I got my balance back, I got my mojo back, and wow, what a difference!  I was able to stay emotionally grounded through a divorce, and make good decisions for myself and my family.  I was able to better manage the ensuing stress as health and well being returned to my life.  It was a process that  required my focused attention and dedication, but so worth it! I was worth it!

I knew then that I could help others find their way through hormonal changes.  I set out to educate myself to be able to do that with measurable skill and expertise.  I paid for the many special training courses required to become certified in Bio-identical hormones, and took my own time to accomplish that goal. Fortunately, I had some excellent mentors who helped me along the way, for this type of practice is a science and an art that comes from experience and education.  Therefore, I started treating clients as the professional I had become.


I have had the opportunity over the past 18 years to train with all the leaders in the field of bio-identical hormone therapy for sex hormones, thyroid, adrenals, neurotransmitters,  and for gut health, auto-immune diseases, and much more.  Education with webinars and conferences is an on-going way that I continue to learn about cutting edge research and protocols to use in the practice.

Equally important, as natural hormone protocols, are daily life style practices like healthy eating, exercise, stress management and finding meaning, purpose and connection in our lives.  These all contribute to the high level of health and well-being that we seek.  And they directly affect our level of disease resistance over time. I practice what I preach and incorporate these steps in my own life.  If you ever catch me in a grocery line, you can check out my cart!! Smile when you see me at a yoga class or hiking in Annandel or at a spiritual gathering or community dance.

Some of my past clinical work revolved around  patients facing critical illnesses.  But I wanted to practice more long term, in an area that was not exclusively disease driven.  Working with hormonal imbalances around mid-life provides the opportunity to support the body through a natural physiologic process and improve the aging process for my clients.  I love that!  I love seeing health markers on labs improved by the protocols I know are medically sound and will help.


My staff and I love seeing patients who once were depleted and sickly regain their good health and are back to enjoying a high quality of life again. We are always rooting for your success.

There is so much that can be accomplished with focused attention to the needs of the body and by finding balance with our physiology. We are living in a time of amazing opportunities to create better health through proactive and preventative treatments.

Thank you for being part of what motivates me to keep learning and offering these services.  Participate and please share with your family and friends what is possible, they will be watching you!   Encourage them to create the health and harmony they desire.  We are making a difference and our lives can be rich and fulfilling with good health for many years ahead.