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Join us on January 20th for our GRAIL Galleri Cancer Screening Event!

We are pleased to announce a new and innovative, comprehensive Cancer Screen Test from Grail, a Biotechnology company. We now have this opportunity to test for early detection cancer screening to complement our emphasis on cardiovascular disease prevention. Join us on January 20th from 10 am to 12 pm for this Galleri Cancer Screening Event at Calmglow, located at 1120 13th Street, Suite B, Modesto, CA. What to expect during the event:
  • Get your Galleri Cancer Screening Test done in office
  • Hear from a representative from GRAIL, who will be available to answer in-depth questions and share a video presentation about the test
  • Enjoy complimentary food & beverages
Grail has developed the Galleri blood test designed to screen for over 50 cancers in the earliest stages. This is exciting news because currently we have limited screening abilities for the early detection of most cancers. The Galleri test is the product of combining genomics science with machine learning. This simple blood test has a false positive rate of less than 1%. For positive findings, the origin of the cancer within the body can be correctly identified 89% of the time. There is real potential to reduce the chances of death due to cancer, by catching it at the earliest stages. The cost for this event is $1,049 and includes the test, blood draw, and interpretation fee. This pricing is available to Calmglow patients through a partnership with Forum Health. If you are interested in attending this event, click the button below to enroll! Please select the time you would like to come in for your screening when completing the registration form.
We highly recommend coming in before your scheduled time to fill out the patient information document and learn more about Galleri’s cancer screening. Please check in with the front desk upon arrival.