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Creating Optimal Health in 2018

It’s a new year and the feeling of new starts, establishing new habits, new vistas of achievement are in the air! Let’s use this issue to discuss some ideas around that to help you get your intentions going and come up with a realistic plan to put them into action this year. This year in my plans, I am taking on the challenge to address all parts of my being – body, mind, spirit and relationships. You might consider that too.


The grief and trying experiences of 2017 can create the rich soil from which your new growth as an individual sprouts forth, creating your next steps in 2018 which support a more full expression of yourself in the world.

Diet ~ Your individual body and its specific needs are important to address here. Are you overweight? Have an autoimmune disease? Other health risk? Know you have food allergies but not keeping yourself away from the culprits? How about sugar addiction? If you need help, consult someone who can get you on track with strategies to be successful. Then put in the self-discipline to create new possibilities for yourself. You can do it!

Exercise~Essential for our bodies that we move and keep moving as we age, particularly. But, be careful not to overdo in this area too.


The studies now show that our American drive to do more and push ourselves with exercise, have negative health consequences. Moderation seems to be the best strategy.

Sleep~ As a modern society, we are overall lacking in enough sleep, having major disease promoting influences on our health. Focus on systematically getting 7-8 hours per night or get help on how to change that. Sleep hygiene really works for many (Google it). Herbals and minerals work for others and often times hormones are influential in resolving this issue. Get a sleep study if there is any snoring or apnea to avoid major health risks.


Effective Stress Management~Take a news break regularly, especially if the news is upsetting to you. Limit what you take in. Develop strategies through your day to break from the stress building process that so commonly can develop. I have a friend who reminds me to breathe and smile on particularly difficult days. It helps a lot!

And take breaks I call “no mind periods” every day -these are critical. Start with 1-2 minutes per day and expand as you feel it’s beneficial. Check out guided imagery, breathing techniques, body practices, meditation (yes, Google them too).

Happiness and Joy~ for some it’s natural to feel these emotions but if you aren’t there or are having a bad day, focus on cultivating these feelings daily. You can learn how to do it and the benefits are enormous! (Google it)


Nurturing the Soul~ When we allow ourselves to feel emotions, even grief, we provide a doorway through and into new vistas of ourselves. Join a support group, attend a spiritual service meaningful to you, read, listen on-line to spiritual and up lifting speakers, get out in nature, whatever works for you. It really pays off to take the time for this important step that promotes our living more fully.

Preventative Health Strategies~ Maybe it’s detoxing, finding out what our food sensitivities/toxins are and addressing them, changing your health habits and…

Assessing Health Risks~ Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, even Cancer – have you utilized current testing methods available? (See PULS testing in this issue as one example). Put in place preventative strategies specific to your risks – Overweight? Alcohol intake at healthy levels? Caffeine? Supplement needs. I’m here to help you.


Use of Effective Integrative Medicine Protocols~  Shown to improve the conditions you are addressing – life style, supplements, hormones and other strategies.

Bio-Identical Hormones~ And of course, remembering that bio-identical hormones create balance in the body supporting good physiologic system performance and prevention of disease, if you choose to use them. I’m here to help you with that also.

Please let me and the staff know how we can best support you in creating the your most optimal health in 2018.


May this year unfold in more expansive ways than you imagined possible for yourself!

Taking up the challenge with you