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5 Stress-Busting Ideas for Christmas

The time to be jolly is also the time to be in a rush, pressed for time, often stressing over which dish to serve, which gifts to get, and which cards to send. Holiday stress is a very real issue so many people struggle with – especially those who have preexisting mental health issues, and […]

Lifestyle Recommendations for Chronic Fatigue

Feeling tired is healthy and normal, especially when you have a demanding job, if you exercise regularly, not to mention that daily stress can make us all crave for a good seaside vacation. But chronic fatigue is an entirely different beast to tackle: it can be so overwhelming that it makes it difficult for someone […]

Living a Full Life and Coping with Stress When You Have Cancer

Working with an annoying colleague, trying to please a demanding mother-in-law, or having to wait for an hour at the bank all seems stressful. That is, until you’re faced with a cancer diagnosis, and you suddenly find yourself coping with a whole new idea of anxiety and worry, incomparable with anything else you’ve ever experienced […]

Top 5 Health Perks of Being a Puppy Parent

Our beloved canines make us smile, they have the power to instantly boost our mood, and remind us of how important it is to be in the present moment when we get sidetracked by life’s many stressors. It turns out, puppy parenting is so much more than a source of bliss! Scientifically speaking, having a […]

Common Culprits of Spring Fatigue and Effective Ways to Restore Your Energy

We’re all worried about the winter blues and the associated issues that can make us feel tired or affect our sleep patterns. Come spring, and it feels as if the same feeling of exhaustion persists, but without the same, obvious culprits. So why do we feel tired even in spring, when everything should be brimming […]

Breaking Through the Wall and Seeking a Healthy New Normal?

  Are you just over the world being turned on its ear? Disillusioned, confused and worried? Wondering who to trust with so much conflicting information about how to maneuver through this pandemic?    Healthy strategies to handle the new normal are based on the foundation for overall well being: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health.  […]

Thrive In Uncertain Times

In March 2020, governments responded to the rapidly spreading coronavirus by shutting down the world. Schools closed. Non-essential businesses locked their doors. Travel was restricted. Essential workers (doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, police officers, postal workers, truck drivers) faced exposure while everyone else sheltered at home, either alone or with direct family.  Many workers were […]

5 Lifestyle Pillars For A Vibrant Life

  With the news and social media feeds filled with stories of mounting cases of COVID-19 and staggering numbers of daily deaths caused by this virus, feelings of fear and dread are a reasonable response. To combat the paralysis of overwhelm and despair, arm yourself with the knowledge to improve your immune system and overall […]

Boosting Health and Well-Being through the Holidays

Once again, fall has been spectacular in Northern California. I’ve enjoyed the vibrant colors as I have driven thru the picturesque countryside we have all around us.   A lot to be grateful for in living here and I hope you have enjoyed it, too. As the calendar is turning towards the holidays, I thought […]

How Do You Embrace Change?

One of life’s guarantees is that things change. We can’t avoid it. It’s a fact. But how we respond to it can make all the difference in our lives. In talking with a friend recently, he was sharing how he had avoided a change in career focus for years because it would take too much time […]

The Journey to Balance

In my early forties, plagued by the stress of being a business woman, raising 2 teens, and facing my own health issues, I came face to face with the reality of being at a serious low point in my life. Nothing was working right. I was in physical pain, emotional trauma, and unrelenting stress with […]