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Heart Disease

These days, many people struggle with high blood pressure and/or irregular heartbeat.

While these symptoms are very common in America, most people do not know how to control them without medication. After looking at your medical and family history, Forum Health can help you understand why you might be suffering chest pain, high cholesterol, poor circulation, and any other cardiovascular issues and most importantly, help you feel better.

More often than not, a healthy heart can be achieved with a nutrient-rich diet, natural supplements, and regular exercise. If you are tired of taking blood pressure medication, give us a call. We look forward to helping you approach your symptoms in a more effective and different way—an approach that is free of medication and focuses on an improved lifestyle.

The “7 Minute Workout”!

The “7 Minute Workout” is a research-backed workout program that has become an international hit! We highly recommend using this app in your daily routine. It is a quick and easy way to fit a workout into your busy schedule.

7 Minute Workout Challenge – Fitness Guide Inc iOS | Android


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