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Environmental Allergies

One in four Americans suffers from allergies. Some of the most common symptoms include: sneezing, watery or itchy eyes, runny or congested nose, asthma, eczema or hives, headaches, muscle and joint pain, and hyperactivity. Don’t let these allergies cut into the quality of your life! There could be a simple solution for you.

There is an alternative to partially-effective medications and time-consuming trips for allergy shots. People of all ages can find fast, lasting relief with under-the-tongue allergy drops that can be taken in the comfort of home. Contact Forum Health Modesto today to get your allergies under control.

Food Allergies

People are frequently allergic to many things they eat or drink, often without realizing it. Allergic responses vary in severity. Reactions range from simple fatigue or skin rashes to life-threatening respiratory problems. Food allergies can also interfere with daily functioning.

Eating the same food can cause different reactions at different times depending on a variety of physical and psychological factors. The most common food allergies are: milk, wheat, corn, tomatoes, soy, chocolate, beef, and peanuts.

If you experience any physical or mental reactions after eating, consider being tested for food allergies. These sensitivities are highly individual, and range from small reactions to large ones. They can be felt right after eating, or even two to three days later.

Forum Health Modesto can help you identify and eliminate these foods from your diet. Once your allergies are identified, Forum Health Modesto will help wean you from these foods over 2-4 months. After that time, the food allergy is typically eliminated, and these foods can be carefully reintroduced to your diet.

Learn about sublingual immunotherapy allergy drops in the video below.

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